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Meal Kits Don’t Work for My Family, but Origin Meals Does. Here’s Why

As working parents, my hubby Joe and I barely have time to make meals (let alone healthy ones) for our three kids. That used to mean unexciting to-go grocery store dinners, expensive takeout, or meal kits that required prep and cooking. None of these options gave me and Joe the extra time we needed to relax with the family. Origin Meals changed that – it’s nothing like a meal kit. Here’s why we love it.

1. No prep, no cooking, no dishes, no mess

Other meal kits deliver just ingredients, not fully prepared, fresh meals. Origin Meals are ready to eat right from their reusable plastic trays. This means no prep, no cooking, no dishes, no mess – the time saved is invaluable.

2. Great for diets and food allergies

Our 12-year-old son, Michael, can’t eat gluten. Not a problem with Origin Meals – there’s no gluten in any of its fresh, ready-to-go meals. Joe and I can also easily switch to paleo or keto plans if we ever retry dieting. Convenient meals have rarely been so accommodating!

3. No more decision fatigue

When we tried meal kits, we felt overwhelmed having to choose our weekly meals from a seemingly endless menu. Origin Meals eliminates this issue. Our expertly curated Original Meals’ menus rotate weekly based on all five of our diets, allergies, and favorite foods. No more decision fatigue, just delicious, easy meals!

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4. Convenient, portable meal trays

Origin Meals are perfect for school and workday lunches. Their microwave-safe trays and lids keep food secure and fresh, plus the trays make perfect bowls. The Chicken with Pistachio-Mint Pesto is my lunch break staple, and Michael’s friends always ask to try his Roast Chicken With Brussels Sprouts at school. With Origin Meals, we eat well everywhere we go!

5. Eco-friendly packaging

When we tried other meal kits or to-go grocery meals, we piled up way too many boxes, insulated liners, and ice packs. Origin Meals instead delivers our food in reusable coolers, and our meal trays are entirely reusable, dishwasher-safe, recyclable, and BPA-free. We’re finally eating well without tons of waste!

6. High-quality meals and ingredients

Origin Meals is a Whole30 approved partner. That means we’re getting only the highest-quality, safest ingredients in our meals (which means a lot when you’re raising three kids!). Grass-fed beef, antibiotic-free chicken, preservative-free sauces – Origin Meals has it all, and we can taste the difference. We bet you’ll notice it too!

7. Limited-time 25% discount

If Origin Meals sounds exactly like what you and your family need, now is the perfect time to sign up! Origin Meals’ current 25% discount won’t last long – to claim it, use the code SAVE25 with your first order. You’ll get the best meals of your life and, just as importantly, so much time back. Relax and enjoy!

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