Stews and Chili Recipes

Slow cooker, crockpot cooking for the tastiest stews.

Buy diced meat going cheap at the supermarket and then do this for the best in delicious, easy family meals on a budget. Also a great way to lose weight is to steam all the vegetables to serve with it.
Try these for the best day-to-day prices
Three tiered steamer.
Pressure cooker.

In this video I’m using lamb which is usually quite expensive, but this recipe can be done with any cuts of meat.

My meat for this video was supplied by a small farming business in Lancashire.

You can also purchase my own ebook on ‘Losing Weight with Low GI Foods” for just 20p on my Etsy store now.
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Glycemic Index
Chapter 2: How the Glycemic Index Affects Weight Loss
Chapter 3: Understanding Glycemic Load
Chapter 4: Low Glycemic Index Foods for Weight Loss
Chapter 5: High Glycemic Index Foods to Avoid
Chapter 6: The Role of Fiber in the Glycemic Index
Chapter 7: Meal Planning and the Glycemic Index
Chapter 8: Glycemic Index and Exercise
Chapter 9: Glycemic Index and Special Diet
Chapter 10: Conclusion and Resources
Summarise the main points covered in the e-book
Provide resources for further information and support including fabulous easy and quick recipes for a busy family.

Recommended kitchen equipment for healthier food and cheaper energy costs.
Three tiered steamer.
Pressure cooker.
Rice cooker.
Slow cooker.
Egg boiler / cooker

My videos are in the very short ‘tiktok’ style and straight to the point with no nonsense..
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