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The 3 MUST HAVE Instant Pot Accessories | I can’t live without these accessories!

There are endless Instant Pot accessories that you can buy and they are definitely fun! However if you could only buy 3, these are the accessories that I recommend the most.

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#1: Silicone Sling
OXO Good Grips Pressure Cooker Bakeware Sling*:
This sling serves as a sling and a trivet. It comes in handy for dropping foods into the Instant Pot and lifting them out, especially with pot-in-pot cooking.
By far, this is the Instant Pot accessory that I use the most!

#2: A Pan For Pot-In-Pot Cooking
I suggest buying a pan that you can use for pot-in-pot cooking. The Instant Pot pot-in-pot (PIP) cooking method is cooking food in a separate dish that’s placed on a trivet inside your Instant Pot liner. Steam is created from water below the trivet and builds pressure to cook the food. You’ll want an oven safe dish that has a diameter of 7 inches (for the 6 quart pot) that you can easily lift the pan in and out.

I own a few pans that work for this purpose. The one I use the most is the 7 inch by 3 inch Fat Daddio’s Round Cake Pan*

Fat daddios pan*: 7 inch by 4 inch

Instant Pot Ceramic Non Stick Interior Coated Inner Cooking Pot Mini 3 Quart*:

#3: Silicone Steamer Basket
A steamer basket comes in handy for mashed potatoes, hard boiled eggs and steaming veggies. I like this silicone steamer basket* because it’s flexible, made of silicone and BPA free, dishwasher safe, fits perfectly in my 6 quart Instant Pot and it’s large (when I make lots of potatoes they all fit inside the basket without spilling over the sides). The handles are very handy to lift foods in and out of the Instant Pot and it can also be used as a colander.

Nice To Have Accessories
Besides these three there are plenty of other Instant Pot accessories that you could purchase. I recommend the following two accessories as nice to have but not necessary:

Half size bundt* cake pan for German chocolate bundt cake, monkey bread and apple cake.

Egg Bites Molds* for egg bites, meatloaf bites, churro bites and raspberry cheesecake bites.

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Instant Pot Must Haves! 6 Accessories That Make Using Your Instant Pot Easier!

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