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8 of the BEST things to make in an Instant Pot

There are so many great recipes for the Instant Pot out there. Here are 8 of the best things to make in an Instant Pot that I have found over the years.


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#1: Hard Boiled Eggs: I know, I know. Hard boiled eggs are NOT that hard to make on the stove. And they don’t take that much time. But the reason to make them in the Instant Pot is not necessarily because it saves time. The number 1 reason to make hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot is because of how much easier they are to peel! This is a thing I promise. The peels practically slide off magically.

#2: Greek Yogurt: Making yogurt in the Instant Pot has completely changed my life for the better! I love making homemade thick and creamy Greek yogurt. I can make about 8 cups of yogurt for $2! What a deal! I love eating my yogurt every day with some berries or bananas and a little granola. It’s high protein and a great breakfast or snack. My brother-in-law likes to stir protein powder into his Greek yogurt for a high protein and delicious snack. I tried it and it almost tasted like pudding. So yummy! Once you do it a few times you won’t even need to look at a recipe you’ll just know the process.

#3: Roast: I love making roast in my slow cooker but sometimes I don’t get it into the crockpot in time. That’s why I love the Instant Pot! I can make fall apart tender roast in the Instant Pot in less than 2 hours. You can even cook frozen roast.

#4: Rice: One of the very first things I made in my Instant Pot was brown rice. Brown rice on the stove has never worked great for me. I would always get the ratio wrong or the water would boil over. With the Instant Pot brown rice turns out perfect every single time!

#5: Potatoes: I make mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, potato salad and more potato dishes ALL the time in the Instant Pot. They cook up so fast! Sweet potatoes also turn out well in the Instant Pot. They do cook quicker than Russet potatoes though, so be careful not to overcook.

#6: Melting Chocolate: Although you don’t use the pressure cook function for this recipe the Instant Pot is a handy vessel to melt chocolate for dipping. Sharon said, ” This new way is so much easier than melting it in the microwave and then keeping it warm on the warming element on the stove. I won’t use the old way of preparing it again now that this is so much easier.”

#7: Macaroni and Cheese: There are a billion recipes to make macaroni and cheese in the Instant Pot out there. Why? Isn’t mac and cheese super easy and fast to just make on the stove? The answer is yes it is. However, the Instant Pot make the whole process hands off. I love throwing the ingredients into the Instant Pot and walking away. I love not having to worry about the water boiling over on the stove. The other thing is that the Instant Pot can keep the mac and cheese warm until you’re ready to eat. This makes it perfect for potlucks.

#8: Frozen Chicken: I am a procrastinator. I’ll start working on that personality flaw…tomorrow. So the fact that I don’t have to thaw my chicken when using the Instant Pot makes me so very happy! I have so many great recipes that use frozen chicken. Here are some of them…

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