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Naab Vaam (Coconut-Tapioca Dessert)

Hi my Foodies! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thanks to all my 1k+ followers and subscribers this past year. It’s has been a pleasure to share with you all the food I grew up eating. I can’t wait to share more recipes to you all. As a treat to you all, I’ll be sharing my naab vaam recipe.

Naab vaam is a sweetened coconut dessert drink that consist of tapioca pearls, cendol, and other toppings mixed in. Naab vaam is so versatile and can be made in so many different ways. There’s a variety of toppings that can be added in as well. In the Hmong, Thai, Vietnamese, and Malaysian community, you will see a variety of toppings added in such as colored chestnuts, jello, sweet beans, fresh fruit, jackfruit, grass jelly, etc. But this dessert can be seen or made with just the cendol, coconut syrup and ice. With ours, we love the beautiful colored tapioca pearls, cendol, coconut jelly & meat.This is definitely a dessert that I will never pass on. It’s always great to try all kinds of version people make and see how they like to make it themselves. That’s the true art of naab vaam. The secret to making great naab vaam is to have a great coconut syrup! So enjoy this recipe and I hope you get to try it out 🙂


WHERE DID I GET MY CENDOL MAKER? I got mine from a vendor during Sacramento Hmong New Years. Check your local Thai grocery store. They may some on Amazon. Just type cendol press or cendol maker.

They are purple sweet potato jellies made out of starch. Learn how to make them here and support this channel!

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—–Coconut Syrup—–
2 lb 4oz palm sugar
1 cup water
2 (33.8 oz) coconut milk
1 1/2 tsp salt
2 pandan leaves
—–Tapioca pearls—–
3 quarts water
1 (16oz) bag tapioca pearls
Red and yellow food coloring
1 (12oz) packet steamed pork rice flour cake mix (bot banh gio mix)
3 Tbsp tapioca starch
3 oz fresh pandan leaf
10 cups water (divide into 4 cups & 6 cups)
1/2 tsp salt
2 Tbsp pandan flavoring/extract
—-Other toppings—–
1/4 cup basil seeds
Coconut jelly
Fresh coconut meat
Fresh Coconut water (optional)

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