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How to Make Restaurant-Style Appetizers at Home, with Joey Altman | Pottery Barn

This video shows how to make scrumptious restaurant-style appetizers. In the video, Joey Altman, Chef and Author of “Without Reservations”, demonstrates some easy tips to make panino with prosciutto figs and brie.

Joey starts with flat leaf bread and cuts it into small slices. Before baking the slices, Joey suggests brushing them with a little olive oil and seasoning them with pepper and salt. Next, Joey cooks red onion slices in extra virgin olive oil till they become soft, and adds fig jam to it. To make the appetizers tasty, Joey suggests spreading cheese on the baked bread slices and topping them with the onion-fig mix and some prosciutto slices before baking them again. To serve the panino with prosciutto figs and brie appetizers, Joey recommends using a white Pottery Barn platter to showcase the real colors of this tasty treat. You can garnish the platter to suit your preference and enjoy the taste of restaurant-style food at home.

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