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EASY Instant Pot Lasagna – Pot in Pot Recipes

Need more Pot in Pot recipes? This is one of our favorite recipes: INSTANT POT LASAGNA!

We use the Pot in Pot method showing you that you can make a LOT of different things using your Instant Pot!

We have another Lasagna that has no meat and is perfect for beginners! You can find it here:

I’m using a pan that I actually created but you can easily use a Springform pan. I have made this recipe with this spring form pan:

Want more Instant Pot – pot in pot recipes? These 4 are my favorite!:

You can also make Instant Pot Meatloaf and Potatoes with the Pot in Pot method:

You can find the printable recipe here:

Here is my FAVORITE Instant Pot – The Instant Pot Duo:

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