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Chatpata Chicken Sukka | Tasty Chicken Sukka Recipe | Chicken Sukka Mangalore Style | Simple and Tasty Chicken Sukka Recipe | Chicken Fry Recipe | Chicken Sukka Recipe | Spice Eats Chicken Sukka

Ingredients for Chicken Sukka:

(Tsp-Teaspoon; Tbsp-Tablespoon)

– Chicken – 500 gms (curry cut with bones)

For the Masala Powder:
– Coriander Seeds- 4 tsp
– Cumin Seeds- 1 tsp
– Fenugreek Seeds-1/4 tsp
– Fennel seeds- 1/2 tsp
– Black Peppercorns- 12 nos.
– Cinnamon-1 small piece
– Cloves-3
– Byadgi Chillies- 6 (can be substituted with Kashmiri chilli)
– Dried Red Chillies – 4 (preferably Guntur Chillies)
– Garlic cloves- 6
– Refined Oil- 2 tsp
– Fresh coconut, grated- 2 tbsp

Other Ingredients:
– Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
– Onions sliced- 2 large (200 gms)
– Fresh Coconut, grated- 1/2 cup
– Curry Leaves- 15-20 nos
– Salt – 1 tsp + 1/4 tsp
– Tamarind juice- 4 tbsp
– Oil- 3-4 tbsp


– Add all the whole spices other than chillies listed under “Masala Powder ” in a pan and dry roast on low heat for 2 mins.
– Now add the two types of Dried Red Chillies, Garlic cloves and 2 tsp oil.
– Give a mix and roast on low heat for another 2 mins.
– Lastly add 2 tbsp fresh grated coconut.
– Mix and fry for 1-2 min on low heat till the grated coconut is little dried.


– Heat oil and add the sliced onions. Mix and fry on medium heat for around 12 mins till golden in colour.
– Now add the chicken pieces, turmeric powder and 1 tsp salt. Mix and fry on high heat for 3 mins. Continue to fry on medium heat for another 2-3 mins till little browned.
– Now add the Masala Powder & 1/4 tsp salt and give a mix. Now, cover & cook on low heat for 5 mins.
– Remove after 5 mins and add a splash of water (around 3 tbsp) and cover again.
– After another 5 mins add the tamarind juice and cover again.
– After total 15 mins once the chicken is tender add the 1/2 cup grated coconut & the curry leaves, give a mix and cover again for 3 mins.
– Remove lid and serve hot.

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