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Birria Tacos | Vegan Mexican Food Recipes | Ep. 1 of Veganized Worldwide 🌎🌱

This is the first episode of my series ‘Veganized Worldwide’ 🌍✈️ In this series I will cook and/or taste foods from all over the World…but in #vegan!

I decided to start the series off with #Mexicanfood because it’s literally my favorite!!! #MexicanVeganFood

And I’m glad I did because these #birriatacos were delicioso!!! 😋

As I was looking for inspiration, I sought for authentic recipes! In the process, I came across a ball of light, #viewsontheroad. Her #veganbirriarecipe inspired me to remake it with a twist…jackfruit.

While I was searching all around YouTube, I relieved that there were not a lot of Mexican, Hispanic or Latinx YouTubers. Just a bunch of culture vultures not giving credit to this beautiful community. So it inspired me to go harder and help shed the light on the #MexicanYouTubers who go unnoticed.

This #jackfruitbirriataco is sooooo good! If you also wanna try Views of The Road’s recipe, it’s right here!!

⭐️: Views on The Road Recipe:

I’m going to buy some hibiscus & try her recipe too I’m not sure if I’ll record it, but I’ll keep you guys updated!


🌮 Ingredients:
4 cups of water
1/2 white onion
2 garlic cloves
1/4 ground black pepper
1/2 small carrots
1 pasilla chile
4 guajillo chiles
3 chick’n cubes:
8 oz of Jackfruit
2-3 bay leaves
10 small carrots slices


I know my hands were kind of ashy lol 😆 Sorry, I’ll lotion up next time hahaha.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful meal as much as I did!



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